July 17, 2015

Sun Rises From the West

That might sound foolish and unscientific but the truth pertains. It seems as if the World is of the West. The Indian stock markets and that worldwide are highly influenced by the West. A recent example of Greece is an evidence. The economic decisions taken in a country 10,200 kilometers beyond the limits of India, have successfully made the stocks in India tumble. The most important articles in our Constitution come from the West- the Fundamental Rights and the Preamble is inspired by the USA, the Parliamentary System and the Rule of Law fled from the United Kingdom, USSR gives us the Fundamental duties and Ireland popped the Directive principles of India's state policies. This light of enlightenment and supposed "Renaissance" has blinded us and it has blinded us so much that we fail to create and re-create our history! India had 16 mahajanpadas stretching throughout the Indo-Gangetic plains and well, in modern terms we call them republics. What the West has done is that it has rebranded the mahajanpadas to be republics and the ideals of upanishads to be Fundamental Duties. And we say, indeed, the Sun rises from the West!     

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