July 6, 2015

21st Century Fear

Today, one of my juniors came to me and exchanged regards! I had no idea who he was and no idea why he had come to me when I didn't know him. I asked him and he told me that he follows me on QuizUp and had challenged me on some topic!
Well, he could have simply come one day to me and would have said," Can we be friends?" There would have been a little possibility that I would have said no or for that matter anybody else but the case was different! He fulfilled his purpose through a trivia game which gradually also turned out to be a chatting forum for both of us!
 What I can infer from what all has happened is that technology has inserted a fear in all of us, fear of a real time conversation! We all have become so much used to editing and updating that we cannot imagine of a life without edits and that has set up a phobia in us. We fear committing mistakes in real time and hence, we prefer to make friends on social networking websites, connect to people through mail and stay in touch with old friends through messaging forums! These forums have penetrated into our habit and so we tend to omit face-to-face conversations. When human today moves towards a weaker societal living, the process itself will strengthen it in the near future, where Facebook friends will meet for dinners and dinners will make Facebook friends!         

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