June 27, 2015


"Learn to agree to disagree because that makes difference," he said and I realised the truth fullness in his statement!
You need to learn to agree to disagree because there are supposedly 7.125 billion people on the crust of Earth as World Bank states, and that means that there are 7.125 billion opinions in the world, some different, some similar, some indoctrinated to be so, some persuaded to change and some that lead and persuade others to follow! However, in these 7.125 billion opinions, we hold one opinion (we refers to a single individual on Earth) and just because we consider our opinion to be right, we consider the other 7.125 bn - 1 opinions to be foolish, silly, stupid, unrealistic and if I left something, that is baseless! We do think at times that he or she is right but if he is right, we tend to believe that we are wrong which has never been acceptable to most humans! Because if we are wrong, we are losers and who likes to be a loser, well no body! 

In order to find a solution to this problem, we have developed different solutions! Some simply argue because you need to be right. Some don't express their opinions because they might turn out to be wrong. Some do not allow themselves to develop opinions because they simply follow someones! However, some ideological ones do understand that they if you someone else wins, you don't lose because some witty person said," To persuade is to defeat and to accept is to win!"

Unfortunately, we don't understand that we all are different and we all have develop different opinions. However, fearing that you will be wrong is even worse, because you might be the new right! People do discuss causes of such destruction in the world, they discuss about the causes of 2002 communal riots, about the objective of the Islamic State and about what made Hitler the best example for irony when someone says,"Adolf Hitler was a peaceful man." Unfortunately, they fail to understand that the root of all this lies in the fact that we all fail to recognize, consider and respect opinions of others! Muslims and Hindus stand for the same cause but their opinions differ. The irony of all of it is that just because their opinions do differ they kill each other and why do they kill each other on the face of opinions? Well, the simple answer is because they fail to accept that there may be different opinions, there may be two rights! So, to stop all the destruction, discrimination and violence in the world we must understand that we need to agree to disagree simply because this world is opinionated!

*Just came from a training session and learnt how to agree to disagree*

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